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Ophelia Muffet's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ophelia Muffet

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100 Truths. [12 Mar 2009|02:32pm]
Last bever​age → does water count?

Last phone​ call → ??? I don't talk on the phone much at all.

Last insta​nt messa​ge → some guy on vampirefreaks.

Last song you liste​ned to → Dress You Up by Madonna.

Last time you cried​ → Last night.


Dated​ someo​ne twice​ → yes.

Been cheat​ed on → no.

Lost someo​ne speci​al → yes.


Falle​n out of love → no.

Laugh​ed until​ you cried​ → yes.

Met someo​ne who chang​ed your life → no.

Found​ out who your true frien​ds were → no.

Found​ out someo​ne was talki​ng about​ you? → no.


Have you kisse​d anyon​e on your top frien​ds?​​ → yes.

How many kids do you want to have?​​ → none.

Do you have any pets?​​ → yes, lots.

Do you want to chang​e your name → no.

What time did you wake up today​ → 9 something, didn't get out of bed till 11.

What were you doing​ at midni​ght last night​ → listening to music.

Last time you saw your fathe​r → when I was 17.

What’​s one thing​ you wish you could​ chang​e → rather not say.

Have you ever talke​d to a perso​n named​ Tom → yes.

What’​s getti​ng on your nerve​s right​ now - lots of stuff.

What'​​s your real name → Tiffany Taylor Hill.

Nickn​ames → SpiderBaby, Taffy, Sweet-Thang, Muff Mama, Dumpling, and like a million more between what Dagon and other people call me.

Zodia​c sign → Aquarius.

Eleme​ntary​/​​prima​ry Schoo​l → Pendorph, Calhoun, Glade, Myrick.

Middl​e/​​secon​dary Schoo​l → Northeast Jones and Jones Junior High.

High Schoo​l → Watkins and my house. I home-schooled for most of my 10th grade then got my GED.

Hair color​ → natural-strawberry blonde. now my roots are showing and the rest is a washed out pinkish red.

Long or short​ → long, 32 inches.

Are you healt​h freak​ → so-so.

Right​y or Lefty​ → Righty.


First​ surge​ry → dental.

First​ pierc​ing → my ears when I was 4.

First​ best frien​d → Candy Boyd.

First​ vacat​ion → not sure, when I was 4 we went to Graceland.

First​ crush​ → Not sure about first. I had a huge crush on Bob when I was 4. Bob was my grandpa's boss and he is probably my grandpa's age. I wrote him love letters. They just said "I Love Bob, Tiffy.", he thought it was cute.

First​ airpl​ane ride → Never had a plane ride.


Eatin​g → nothing.

Wanti​ng- some new movies to watch.


Want Kids - no.

Want to get marri​ed - already married.

Caree​rs→ ???


Kisse​d a stran​ger → no.

Lost glass​es/​​conta​cts → sunglasses.

Ran away from home → no.

Broke​n someo​ne'​​s heart​ → yes.

Been arres​ted → no.

Turne​d someo​ne down → yes.

Cried​ when someo​ne died → yes.


Yours​elf → yes.

Mirac​les → yes.

Love at first​ sight​ → Lust at first site.

Heave​n → yes.

Santa​ Claus​ → yes.

Kiss on the first​ date → depends on the other person.


Is there​ one perso​n you want to be with right​ now → yes.

Had more than one boyfr​iend/​​girlf​riend​ at one time → no.

Posti​ng this as 100 Truth​s?​​ → sure.
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New Year Eve 2008 and New Years Day 2009. [03 Jan 2009|04:39pm]
[ mood | busy ]

For New Years Eve we went over to Dagon's parent's friend's, Joe & Susan, house. There was a bonfire and we had sandwiches, chips, dips, and homemade Chex party mix. We watched a show about scary movie moments. It was funny because Jannie and Susan were freaking out over anything gross or scary. They don't like scary movies.

When we got home, a little before New Years, Dagon built a fire in the outside fireplace and we roasted weenies and marshmallows. That was fun, but it was cold outside.

New Years Day we had cabbage, black eye peas, and turkey for dinner. My Grandparent's and mom cooked it and Dagon went and fixed us plates.
That evening we went grocery shopping.
We watched a movie called "Bloody New Year".

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Christmas 2008 Update. [31 Dec 2008|03:58am]
[ mood | tired ]

I haven't been keeping my livejournal updated at all in the last few months. We've mostly been doing stuff around the house and working on projects and getting ready for the holidays and celebrating the holidays.

Here is a Christmas update.

Christmas Eve we went to Dagon's parent's and ate lunch. Then we went to my Grandparent's house to get our presents. Then we went back over to Dagon's parent's to eat and get our presents. We had chips and dip and cocktail weenies.

Christmas Day we went back over to Dagon's parent's house and had Christmas dinner. We had ham, baked beans, and potato salad.

Christmas Night we had our Spooky Christmas Party and opened presents. We watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Vincent", "Frankenweenie", "Tales From The Crypt" the movie segment "All Through The House" and the series episode "And All Through The House", "Black Christmas", and we watched the Spongebob Christmas dvd while cooking.
We had, a Mexican pizza, pork and shrimp eggrolls with sauce, mushroom turnovers, 7-Up with cherries in it, and a Cherry Bomb Fruit Cake with Cool Whip. Dagon decorated the dining room. It was very nice and a lot of fun.

Presents we got this year.
My Presents.
From Dagon-
2 fairy doors, made by Dagon, very cool.
11 pairs of Earrings- butterflies, skull and crossbones, cherries, monkeys, frogs, and different pairs of studs.
A Horror themed computer game called Scratches.
A Spongebob Squarepants dvd.
A make-up bag that says "naughty" on it.
A cookie scented bath set.
A cake scented bath set in a pink bag.
He also made me 2 Santa figures and a creepy Christmas tree, but those were more for Christmas decorating.

From our Pets-
A coconut scented bath set in a cool basket.

From my Grandparents-
A rice cooker.

From my mom and stepdad-
A dress.
A blouse.
A pair of pants.
A jacket.
It was a 4 piece set that all matches.

From Dagon's parents-
The Birds Barbie Doll.
The X-Files season 2 on dvd.
A fruit scented bath powder set.
Hershey's lip gloss.

Dagon's presents.
From me-
Child's Play dvd boxset.
The Mummy 3 dvd.
What's New Scooby Doo season 3 dvd.

From our pets-
A box of chocolate covered peanuts.
A box of chocolate covered raisins.

From my Grandparents-
A George Foreman The Next Grilleration grill.

From his parents-
Hellboy 2 dvd.
Hellboy belt buckle.
The Incredible Hulk special edition dvd.
2 movie theater passes.

Money was tight this year so we didn't get a whole lot of presents, but what we got was really good. So that was cool.


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Christmas Shopping! [24 Nov 2008|12:19am]
[ mood | working ]

Check out :

The Boneyard BOOtique for Scary Christmas presents!

The Country Store for Santa Claus decorations!

The Pirate Santa CafePress Shop for Pirate Santa clothes, housewares, ornaments & more!

The Vintage Glass Shop for cool bottles!

And our Ebay store for comic books, collectibles, & more!

Buy Handmade

Buy Handmade

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Updates. [23 Oct 2008|04:30pm]
[ mood | busy ]

We've been busy working over at Frightmare Forest and finishing stuff for Zombie Drive.

We found out yesterday that another reason they wanted Dagon back at Frightmare Forest is that people have been asking was Dagon gonna be there. They were calling him the guy with the "crazy eyes" because of the contacts he wore.

Yesterday, my Grandparents took us out to eat Asian for our Anniversary. We'll be so busy the next week they went ahead and took us. It was very yummy. It was the first time my Grandmother has eaten Asian food. She didn't like it very much. Except the cake she ate for dessert.

Dagon bought me a werewolf mini-bust. It's cool.

Jannie bought Dagon a hoodie with a zip-up mask for the hood. It has a hockey mask on the hood. Very Friday the 13th.

The Fair is down this week, but the last few years it hasn't been very good and it's expensive. So we didn't go. Jannie brought us some Taffy, though. It's yummy.

Dagon caught two wild puppies that have been hanging around. He put them in a pen so he can tame them. They are very cute. There is still one loose. So far they will let him pet them a little. They wag their tails at him, too.

Other than that we've just been doing the usual stuff.

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Snake In The House. [16 Oct 2008|01:48am]
[ mood | busy ]

Today, Dagon made me a grilled cheese, it was so good, for lunch and I was sitting on the couch eating. There is a wicker trunk next to the couch. I thought Dagon had weaved a fake snake in the front. I told him it looked neat and he was like "what?". It was a real green snake. Very pretty one, too. I guess it crawled under the front door. I don't know why it weaved itself into the trunk. It sure looked neat.

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This Makes 2 Murderers I've Hung-Out With. [12 Oct 2008|10:00pm]
A few years ago a girl I knew in elementary school killed her grandparents. We hung-out some and rode the same bus to school.


Then I just found out that back in March a guy Dagon and I use to hang-out with killed his dad.


He use to come by the store when we had it open all the time and he hung-out at DragonWyck Manor a bunch of times. Last time we saw him he was acting weird. We hadn't seen him in a while before the last time we saw him and we're sure he was on drugs then. Him and his dad didn't get along well at all. He should be in a mental hospital, because Reese was not all there even when we hung-out with him.
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Updates. [06 Oct 2008|09:12pm]
[ mood | busy ]

We were without water for about 30 hours last week, then again for a while today, thanks to a busted water pipe up the road. It sucked, we had no water. We ate supper at Dagon's parent's house the first night and the second Jannie got us take-out. Which was cool, I like take-out.

Friday, we went to our store and boxed movies. We were so busy that day that we got pizza for supper that night. We saw my brother cory at the curb store where we got the pizza and he was being a total asshole. He wasn't even gonna say "hi". Dagon tried joking around with him and cory pushed him. Dagon started to whip his ass, but we live in a small town and buy lots of stuff (gas, snacks, drinks, pizzas) from that store. He didn't want to get in trouble in there. He did get rude back at cory about it. Since cory started junior college he acts rude to us. More so than usual. Like he only calls us if he wants something. So we're through with trying to be friends with him. He's just to much of a natural asshole.

Saturday, we got up really early and went to Ellisville for the big rummage sale. We put movies, comics, and nascar collectibles in the sale. We made a little money, but not much. We already spent most of it. We bought some horror movies, dvds and vhs tapes. We put some gas in the car and bought some snacks.

Saturday evening, Dagon took me to eat at a new Asian buffet that opened in laurel called Buffet City. Oh man, it was so good. They had all the stuff we like to eat from the other two Asian places we've eat at, except frog legs, stuffed mushroom caps, and this seafood salad stuff that I'm not sure what it's called.

At the rummage sale Saturday some people were throwing stuff away after the sale and we got it. A bunch of kitchen stuff. Dagon got this lemon peeler and a bowl he'd been wanting. Which is cool. He had one of the bowls but it got broke. Another guy gave him some long sleeved shirts to use on the zombies he's making for Zombie Drive. Then on the way home we passed another rummage sale and the people were putting stuff out by the curb for the garbage and we stopped and Dagon got a bunch of old hats and old belts and some neat old stuff. He's gonna use the hats on the zombies. One is a Freddy Krueger hat, a fedora. So that was cool.

The first day of October we hung 2 flyers for Zombie Drive. There aren't many places in Sandersville to hang stuff. Dagon's been doing a lot of work on stuff for Zombie Drive and I've been assisting him. We had to change our original plans due to not being able to find people to help out, the cost, and my mom. She's moving next door to where we were having it and she's got a lot of mean dogs that bark all the time and tear out of their pens. They weren't supposed to get moved till next month, but they decided to get in their trailer this month. Bummer. So we're having a huge yard haunt at DragonWyck Manor. So that's cool. We can use the hearses in it here.

Dagon caught 4 kittens out in the yard. That brings us up to 18 cats. They are wild and he is trying to tame them so we can give them away. We can't afford them, but if they run around loose they will either get eaten by coyotes or get grown and have lots of babies that will either get eaten or have lots of babies. He's got one where he can pet it, but it is still skittish.

Other than that we've been watching a bunch of horror movies. Just doing the usual stuff around the house. We've rode the 4-wheeler a few times. Dagon planted spinach in the garden, Sunday. It rained earlier tonight so that was good for the garden, it's been dry.

Getting ready for Halloween is fun!

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Car Troubles & Updates. [28 Sep 2008|06:38am]
[ mood | busy ]

Wednesday, we were going to laurel to buy groceries when we passed a guy weed-eating by the road. Something flew up and knocked the backseat left-side window completely out. So we spent over a hour talking to the homeowner and waiting on the highway patrolman who didn't show. Dagon put a board in the window till we got it fixed.

Thursday, we spent all morning in town getting parts for the van and seeing about getting the window fixed. Dagon worked on the van and got one side fixed.

Friday, he fixed the other side of the van and then we had to go to wal-mart to get two new front tires put on it. The ones on it were tore up. The van jiggled when it was going down the road. We went and got a new window put in the PT Cruiser. The other people paid for the new window.

While we were at wal-mart we saw Tom Lester. He played Eb on Green Acres. He lives around here. I've seen him before, but it was the first time Dagon has seen him. So that was cool.

Other than that we've been working on stuff for the spook trail and doing the usual stuff around the house and visiting my Grandparents.

Saturday, we rode the 4-wheeler around.

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Updating. [22 Sep 2008|05:59am]
[ mood | busy ]

We've been very busy working on stuff or Zombie Drive. Dagon has several props finished, but he still has several more to finish. Saturday, we went to laurel and bought some supplies. Sunday, Dagon mowed the yard. It's been too wet for over a week to mow. We also rode the 4-wheeler some. I've been helping him with stuff and doing the internet advertising.

That's what we've been up to lately.


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It's In My Hair!!! It's In My Hair!!! [04 Sep 2008|07:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Dagon was out in the yard and he was looking for where the smell of honey is coming from and he was smelling of the gardenias when a praying mantis walked out on his arm. He set her on my shirt and she ran up my face and got on top of my head.



The tangled mass she is standing on is my un-brushed hair.


*We still have not figured out where the strong smell of honey is coming from.

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Wednesday. [28 Aug 2008|04:27am]
[ mood | busy ]

Wednesday, we rode the 4-wheeler some. Then Dagon took me by my Grandparent's house and I stayed over there while he mowed his parent's yard. Then we came back to our house for a little while. He did some yard-work at our house. Then we went by his parent's house and Jannie gave us $100 to buy hurricane supplies. Since there might be a hurricane starting this weekend. We got gas in the PT Cruiser and some food. We went to wal-mart to get the groceries. They were out of most of the soups and stuff like that. They have started putting their Halloween stock out! They only had a little out when we went to wal-mart around 9pm. Some of it looked cool. The only non-food item we bought was a bag of glue sticks for projects we're working on.

When we got home Dagon found a little girl's sweater in our front yard. It could be our neighbor's little girl's sweater. She is around 5 or 6 years old. We don't know how it got in the yard though. There aren't any loose dogs around our yard to drag stuff up. It wasn't there when we were at home before we went to wal-mart. We went over to the trail when we first got back to Sandersville, we wanted to see what else they had done to the trail, since Saturday night Dagon saw peewee in town and peewee asked him had he seen the trail since they had done so much work, and Dagon said the sweater could have been out there on the ground and it got caught under the car. It could be peewee's daughter's sweater. We sat the sweater on the porch in case anybody comes looking for it.

We went by Dagon's grandma's house and he got an old decorative broom he is gonna fix-up for me to use Halloween as a decoration.

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Updates. [27 Aug 2008|12:50am]
[ mood | busy ]

We're still not sure what we will be doing for Halloween this year. I know it is still a little over 2 months away, but some stuff will take a lot of preparation.

Dagon made a really neat dead fairy. I posted a photo of it on here.

Monday, we went to Ellisville to exchange the lawnmower blade for Jannie's mower. It was raining, because of the tropical storm. After we got through with all that we went back to laurel and went to wal-mart. We bought groceries for the week.

Tuesday, we rode the 4-wheeler some and went and looked in my mom's "new" mobile home. It needs a lot of work. My cousin's step-daughter (it's who my mom got the mobile home from) is a destructive nasty-bug. It smelled bad in the mobile home, too.

A couple of nights ago we were coming up the road to our house and we saw a bunch of kittens. A bunch of different sizes, in the road. Dagon got out of the car and tried to catch them, but they ran off in the woods. If they hang around the woods much they will get eaten. We don't know where they came from. We don't need anymore cats, but we don't want them to get eaten either.

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Dead Fairy. [25 Aug 2008|12:10pm]
[ mood | busy ]


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Tuesday. [20 Aug 2008|04:27am]
[ mood | busy ]

Monday, my Grandparents brought us some plants. Some kinda cactus type plant. Dagon put them on the planter on the porch. Dagon made a really yummy pizza for dinner and supper. It was big.

Tuesday, Dagon mowed the yard. It looks so much better now. He cleaned off the porch Monday night. It was covered in stuff. So that looks way better now.

It rained hard for a while Tuesday evening and night.

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Halloween 2008. [17 Aug 2008|06:36pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Since our plans have been drastically changed we're not sure what we'll do this year.

Here are our choices of fun stuff to do:
-Have a home haunt in our driveway. We have a teardrop shaped loop that people can walk around. Money and finding people to help is the problems here.
-Decorate Jannie's porch and give out candy and watch Halloween specials afterward. This would be the easiest and cheapest one to do because Jannie will buy the candy for us to give out and we already have several decorations to use.
-Go find something fun to do away from the house. This really depends on the money situation and what is going on.
-See if there are any other spook trails/houses going on to work on. The cost of gas is the problem here and finding one that jerks aren't running.

We will probably give out treats/candy and watch Halloween specials. Trick-or-Treating is over by 8pm here, so lots of stuff will be on television.

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Spook Trail News. [17 Aug 2008|05:41pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

We've decided not to work on Frightmare Forest Spook Trail this year. We don't like the direction it's heading this year.

Which sucks because it was our idea to begin with and we have been working on it since early July this year planning and getting some of the props ready. The vfd didn't start till this weekend on the trail.

Last year it was our idea and we planned the whole thing and it did really well. We had over 700 people go through it and it was the first year. We charged $5 a person and were told by people that it was better than one that cost way more and had professionals working on it.

This year 2 other guys are in charge of it this year.

Dagon met some of the people working on it and they are not people we would ever associate with.

They will not listen to any of our ideas. Dagon was trying to tell them some stuff and they acted like he wasn't even there.

They are coming up with ideas that are not gonna be scary.

We were told we have to submit list of stuff that we need to build stuff and for costumes/props so it can be voted on and we won't know if we can get any of it till the first of next month. That's not alot of time to work on stuff.

The props they have so far are really cheap looking and they have only gotten 3 or 4 items and have already spent more than we did last year on all the stuff we bought. There was no voting for that stuff. The guys in charge just went and bought the stuff.

Last year Dagon worked on it every single day of October, we actually started in July on it trying to get it going. He cleaned the trail and got it ready with very little help from others, did the customized props/costumes, and acted in it. We also did advertising, including designing the fliers with original zombie art. We did most all of the running around and picking up stuff for it. He didn't get any "thank-you's" or "good job" or anything from any of the other people working on it. So this year he said he was only doing the props/costumes/decorating and acting in it. The fun stuff. The 2 guys in charge acted mad because he wouldn't help them build stuff out on the trail this weekend. Last year we were only supposed to do the stuff he was doing this year, but it would not have been ready in time if he hadn't worked on the trail getting it ready. It was a close call even then.

The vfd said they worked on it for 18 days all together last year, but for several of those 18 days not one of them showed up. The 2 guys in charge this year showed up the weekend before the trail started. They only worked on their section of the trail last year. One did the clown tunnel and the other walked people through the trail.

There are other reasons, too.

The worst thing of all is the guys in charge told Dagon, yesterday, that they are gonna kill some cats and dogs and use their bones on the trail. Dagon told them he didn't want to hear anything like that. We are both very disgusted with them now and want nothing to do with it.

We have 14 cats and 10 dogs and various other creatures. We like animals. We don't like any kind of animal cruelty.

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Updates. [12 Aug 2008|10:00pm]
[ mood | busy ]

We've been so busy lately. Getting ready for Halloween, Frightmare Forest, and just the general stuff we do.


Boneyard BOOtique News:

I posted three new zombie pendants at The Boneyard BOOtique today!


Frightmare Forest News:

Sunday, Dagon went and talked to one of the guys from the VFD (volunteer fire department) and set up a meeting for the spook trail.

Monday night Dagon went to the meeting. The VFD is supposed to start working on the trail Saturday. They are gonna clean the trail up and build some buildings.

They are building me a witches shack. We've started working on potion bottles and I'm gonna make a witch book and some other decorations for me to use at my scare.

Monday, Dagon got an old chainsaw to use in the trail, from a guy he used to work for. So that's cool and saves us some money. He had to work on it some, but he got it running and made it look nifty.


General Updates:

We went to Ellisville and laurel Monday.

We got the part for the lawnmower in Ellisville. Jannie paid for it. Dagon worked on it today. So now he can mow our lawn.

We went by wal-mart and got some groceries. We looked in Big Lots. They have some of there Halloween stuff out.

When we were leaving the house we had a flat tire on the PT Cruiser. Dagon aired it up. It held up, but we need a new tire. We also have to get new windshield wipers for it. The ones on there only smear the rain around.

Tuesday, it rained all day long. I worked promoting The Boneyard BOOtique and updating some stuff. Dagon worked on the lawnmower and the chainsaw.

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Halloween Is Coming! [08 Aug 2008|10:58pm]
[ mood | busy ]

It's like 84 days till Halloween now! We have so much stuff to get done before October!
I'm probably gonna be a witch this year at the trail. I gotta get a costume. Most of my witchy clothes are too nice to wear in the woods, with all that make-up and stuff on. We have some bottles we're gonna make ghoulish labels for and I'm gonna use them in the witch scene.
Thursday, Dagon has made a couple of new pendants that I'm gonna post on etsy in the next couple of days. One is really gory! Dagon also did a cool paper mache skull.
Friday, we went to laurel. Big Lots have a few of there Halloween items out. We got to see what they are getting in. They have color photos of the items on the shelves to show how to arrange them. We went in dollar tree, but they had the same stuff as last year. We went in wal-mart and bought the stuff to make a pizza for supper. Dagon makes the BEST homemade pizzas! Lots of yummy toppings! Wal-mart has some of there fall stuff out, but no Halloween stuff, except a couple of recipe magazines.

Check out this cool blog that made a post about The Boneyard BOOtique!


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Not Too Much To Post. [26 Jul 2008|03:55am]
[ mood | busy ]

We've been doing stuff around the house. Not getting too much stuff done. Mostly watching television and planning Frightmare Forest.

Dagon cleaned the van out and washed it and has started decorating it. We're tired of it being so plain. So far he has put our "Doom Bugy" vanity plate on it, hung a skeleton garland up, and put some stuff on the rear-view mirror. We're gonna put some stickers on it and car seats, too.

It rained a bunch this week. It was from the storm in Texas.

Dagon got me a new pair of shoes. They are green and black monster themed shoes. Really cool. I haven't had a new pair of shoes, other than house shoes, in 3 years. So I needed some new ones.

Friday, we went to laurel. We looked in lowe's and dollar tree. We had to get dog and cat food. That stuff is getting so expensive. We have 10 dogs and 14 cats right now, so they eat a lot. It takes $25 to by one 50 pound bag of dog food and one 18 pound bag of cat food. If it wasn't for the fact that most of our dogs are tiny-medium sized we couldn't afford to feed them. We only have 1 actual big dog. We went in wal-mart, too. Got some pizzas, french fries, and a few other groceries.

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