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Ophelia Muffet's Journal

The Bride Of Dagon

Ophelia Muffet



Blog with news/updates about our projects and other cool stuff!


Halloween Event I'm working on.








Mississippi Horror & Fantasy Arts Guild:


Quotes I'm fond of=

"I want to lead the Victorian life, surrounded by exquisite clutter."
Freddie Mercury


"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc."
We gladly feast on those who would subdue us.


"I'd walk miles for the hubble, bubble and toil of a good horror movie, or to watch Vincent Price stirring cauldrons of horror, or to observe a well-fanged Christopher Lee on the prowl for blood. I love to see black horses and coaches galloping through the night and all that traditional stuff. The more traditional it is, the better I like it."
-Bryant Haliday.


"I'm not a naughty faerie. The others are just too good. I do what pleases me at the time. They only do as they should..."
-Think it is Amy brown

"Common sense isn't always common."


I'm looking for new Livejournal friends. I'm looking for friends who post photos, do gothic/horror/retro/Victorian house decorating, like Halloween, Victorian, and Gothic stuff, and are fans of the horror genre.

I'm not interested in people who post about using drugs or alcohol. That's stupid and extremely boring to read about. If you drink sometimes, like "special" occasions then that's ok as long as it's not every post you write.
I'm a nice person, but I know enough alcoholics and dope-heads in real life that I avoid/ignore, I don't want to associate with them on the internet either.

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50 Book Challenge:

List of what I've read:


50/50 Read in 2007.
36/50 Read in 2008.

8,236/15,000 Pages Read in 2007.
6,293/15,000 Pages Read in 2008.

Jede Nacht ist Halloween.
80s fantasy films, abney park, alchemy gothic, all things halloween, animal rights, art, artistry, asian horror, autumn, bats, bauhaus, bettie page, bride of frankenstein, candlesticks, carnivale, carnivals, carnivorous plants, cats, childrens literature, circus, cotton candy, crafts, crows, cryptozoology, curiosities, dagon, danzig, decorating, dogwitch, dolls, dragons, elvira, emilie autumn, faeries, fairies, fairs, fairy art, fairytales, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy creatures, fantasy movies, folklore, gargoyles, ghosts, giant squid, ginger snaps, goblins, goth, gothic, gothic culture, gothic decor, gothic decorating, gothic design, gothic entertaining, gothic gardening, gothic home, gothic housekeeping, gothic living, gothic style, gypsies, gypsy style clothes, h.r. giger, hallow's eve, halloween, halloween decorating, hammer horror, haunted houses, hearses, heavy metal, home decor, home decorating, home improvement, horror, horror decor, horror genre, horror movies, horror-punk, insects, lemony snicket, living dead dolls, lovecraft, make believe, makeup, marilyn monroe, masquerades, medieval, medievil, mephisto walz, mermaids, misfits, monsters, moulin rouge, mythology, nostalgia, nymphetamine, october, octopi, old hollywood, old hollywood glamour, old horror movies, painting, paranormal, photography, pirates, purple, queen adreena, rasputina, ravens, renaissance, reptiles, rob zombie, sea monsters, sleepy hollow, snake river conspiracy, spider baby, spiders, spiderwebs, spooky decorating, spooky stuff, spooky style, steampunk, stevie nicks, strawberries, striped tights, swamps, switchblade symphony, the bronx casket company, the corpse bride, the frighteners, the munsters, the nightmare before christmas, trolls, type o negative, unicorns, universal monsters, vampires, vaudeville, victorian, victorian houses, victorian style, vincent price, vintage, vintage pinups, violet grimm, werewolves, wrought iron